Church Visit

The children in Reception and Year 1 had a lovely afternoon today visiting Armathwaite Church. We really enjoyed finding out about the different features of the church and learning a bit more about the history of our village. We also loved getting there and back through the fabulous roly-poly field.


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Cathedral Workshop

It was fantastic to get to rehearse in Carlisle Cathedral yesterday. We enjoyed hearing our voices in the beautiful Cathedral and even got an opportunity for some impromptu maths trying to calculate just how many stars there are on the amazing ceiling.


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Reading Together 2018

We are all very excited to be taking part in Reading Together again this year. Everyone has been extremely engaged reading their newspapers this morning.


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Cathedral Outreach Project

We were very excited to begin our Cathedral Outreach Project today. It was great to see Ed again and start to learn our songs.


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Investigating Bears

We had a great maths session today using NRich’s Teddy Town challenge. We used it as an opportunity to explore different problem solving strategies and to really think about¬†how we go about solving problems.




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Splish Splash!

We really enjoyed our very soggy forest school session yesterday. The added water meant lots of mud wading, puddle jumping and making damns. We also made our own creatures using natural materials and homes for them to live in.


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The Eagle Huntress

Yesterday Years 5 and 6 had a super trip to Vue cinema in Carlisle. As part of the Into Film Schools’ Festival we watched the documentary film, The Eagle Huntress. The film told us the story of a 13-year-old girl called Aisholpan from Mongolia who challenged gender stereotypes to become the first female eagle hunter. We all really enjoyed the film and found it inspirational.

“It was 11 out of 10!” Ellla

“Aisholpan broke gender barriers to become what she wanted to be.” Abigail

“It was really interesting because it told us a lot about her and her culture.” Isabel

“It was a fantastic film!” Philippa

“It challenges people’s ideas of what men and women can do.” Tyan

“I liked it because it was a real true story.” Lucy

“When you think of a documentary you might think it would be boring, but this was intriguing.” Joel

“It was extraordinary!” Ben


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November Picnic

Another highlight yesterday was chips by the lake for lunch!


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Shakespeare at Theatre by the Lake

Wow! Year 6 were fabulous tonight. Together with Year 6 pupils from Patterdale and Penrudduck schools they put on a fantastic performance of Macbeth at Theatre by the Lake as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was an amazing experience to perform on a professional stage and to work with so many super people.


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Back to the Woods

It was great to get back to the woods today for our first forest school session of the school year. It was really exciting for the Year 1s to show their friends in Reception the way in and their favourite places. We all had a great afternoon with plenty of den building, tree climbing, mud squelching and of course hot chocolate.


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