The Eagle Huntress

Yesterday Years 5 and 6 had a super trip to Vue cinema in Carlisle. As part of the Into Film Schools’ Festival we watched the documentary film, The Eagle Huntress. The film told us the story of a 13-year-old girl called Aisholpan from Mongolia who challenged gender stereotypes to become the first female eagle hunter. We all really enjoyed the film and found it inspirational.

“It was 11 out of 10!” Ellla

“Aisholpan broke gender barriers to become what she wanted to be.” Abigail

“It was really interesting because it told us a lot about her and her culture.” Isabel

“It was a fantastic film!” Philippa

“It challenges people’s ideas of what men and women can do.” Tyan

“I liked it because it was a real true story.” Lucy

“When you think of a documentary you might think it would be boring, but this was intriguing.” Joel

“It was extraordinary!” Ben


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