We love Lego!

When we were at Rheged recently we spent a very happy lunch time playing on the brilliant Lego wall.


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Lacrosse Festival

We had a great time at the Lacrosse Festival in Penrith today winning a fantastic 5 games out of 6!


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Carlisle Crown Court

We had a fantastic visit to Carlisle Crown Court today. Years 5 and 6 were given a full guided tour including the jurors areas, the court itself, the holding cells and a prison van. We all learned so much about how our legal system works and were able to ask lots of questions. We were taken around by Charlotte Smallwood who is the Listing Manager at the court and we also met lots of other people who work at the court including the Head Judge, Peter Davies, three barristers, a jury clerk, prison officers and administration staff. Thank you so much to all the people who gave us their time and made it such a fascinating  and insightful visit.



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Maths Games Challenge

Years 5 and 6 have made some fantastic maths games over their half term holiday focusing on multiplying and dividing by factors of ten. The games were all different and the varied ways the children had tackled the challenge was great to see. We had an extremely noisy and fun maths session this morning as we tried them out!




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Diwali Lights

Years Reception and 1 have made beautiful tea-light holders as part of our learning about Hinduism. They are absolutely gorgeous – and VERY glittery!



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The Big Sing @ The Big Screen

Years 5 and 6 had a fabulous day today at Rheged. We spent the morning working with the World Voices project and then enjoyed the Big Sing in the afternoon. Our song sounded fantastic with brilliant singing and playing. Huge thanks to all of those involved – we loved being a part of it.




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World Voice Workshop

What a treat we had today welcoming Sangita Bradman Rana, a famous classical Nepali singer, and Ella Jarman-Pinto, a composer and singer, to our school. They ran a World Voice Workshop for Years 5 and 6 ready for more musical magic tomorrow at Rheged. We can’t wait!


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World Refugee Day


It’s Refugee Week and World Refugee Day today.  We’ve been thinking about all the global learning we have done throughout the year about refugees. Last week we did our final edits of our news reports: 6 years on in the refugee camp and our dance review:  Refuge for Refugee dance that we performed at the Sands Centre for YouDance.  We are also continuing with our stories inspired by Elizabeth Laird’s Welcome to Nowhere.

For Refugee Week, we are sharing some of this writing. We’d love to hear what people think about it.  You can read more about how we constructed our writing in the GLP section of our school website here.

Read Keira’s refugee story (work in progress – more stories to follow – deadline the end of term!)

refugee story Keira

Read some of our news reports

Keira    Lewis    Flynn    Hannah    Dom    Rosie C    Rosie G    Tyan

Read our dance reviews

Keira  Dom & Ty   Ella Hannah   Jack & Jonny   Lewis, Flynn & Henry   Oscar & Ben   Rosie & Rosie  Alex Tyan Kara

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Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird

All week, we’ve been on a mission to finish this most amazing book.  We have done it!  It’s had us on the edge of our seats, filled us with emotion & empathy(especially Mrs Yates!) and has been totally inspiring for our own writing. Full of action, detailed description and personal reflection of the Syrian conflict and refugee crisis by the main character, Omar.  It’s got to be one of the best class books we’ve read at school so far…

You can read all about the book here

Watch this space for Year 6’s own stories about the journey of a refugee, also our news articles about Life on a Refugee camp six years on, and letters to a refugee recently arrived to the UK.

Thank you Elizabeth Laird for writing this wonderfully informative book. Along with After Tomorrow by Gillian Cross and Hidden by Miriam Halahmy, it has complemented everything we have done in connection with our ‘refuge for refugees’ learning this term, but also over the last six years as we have witnessed the Syrian conflict.

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Digging deep in P4C around the concept of ‘hatred’


Today, our P4C enquiry used a thought-provoking stimulus by getting us to imagine what it would be like to wear an ‘invisibility ring’ for a day.  We reflected on ‘What would we do?’ then ‘What should we do?’

Dominic and Kara’s question: Is the world full of hatred as much as we think it is? was a popular choice by everyone. Our enquiry focused around unpacking the concept of hatred in relation to humans as individuals and more globally, in relation to example countries. We made the distinction between hatred and disliking and discussed whether there are different degrees of hatred.  We loved Oscar’s suggestion of a ‘special machine’ to measure hatred around the world and this provided a creative and mathematical way for us to represent our ideas in relation to the question.  This creative activity also helped us to ‘lift’ our thinking in a positive way after the enquiry and enabled us to respond to the bombing in Manchester this week within our P4C class community.

Oscar: “I was just thinking. I agree with Flynn because you don’t know how much hatred there is in the world. You haven’t got this special machine which tells you how much arguing at once is going on in the world.  It’s not possible. It just happens but I do think there is less hatred in the world than disliking.”

Other questions generated today from the rest of the group included:-

Is power always a good thing?

Is it fair to help yourself when someone else is in need?

Is bad always bad?

Is it bad to be good?

Why is the world full of injustice?


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